Agraforum is an innovative company that develops and produces natural products for use in agriculture, vegetable and fruit growing, specialised crops and sports turf.

For many years, the patented plant extract ComCat® has been successfully used in over 34 countries worldwide for a range of agricultural crops and for professional lawn care.

Agraforum UK holds the distribution rights for AgraForUm AG’s products in the UK.

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ComCat® is the product for commercial farming operations including row crops, pasture, fruit, vegetables and seedlings

anngro logo - agraforum ukAnngro™

Anngro™ is a unique, plant and enviromentally friendly, delivery system for certain agricultural remedies such as fertilizer. These delivery sponges carry the packaged molecules at a much faster rate and to a greater extent into plants.

Organic Registration

ComCat® has Organic Registration with BCS-Oki-Garantie for the EU and with Omri listed under the USDA National Organic Program Rule. Soil Association members may apply to use ComCat as it has been verified with them for use in production.


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Will Foster, UK Products Manager


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