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A unique, new and non-toxic plant strengthening agent derived from wild plants that enhances crop growth and yield as well as resistance against abiotic and biotic stress factors.

In nature plants communicate and interact with each other by means of allelochemicals and other phytochemicals. However, many wild type plant varieties, usually well adapted to resist stress factors, are being lost due to the intensive application of monoculture practices in agriculture and the many synthetic pollutants in our modern environment. Moreover, the application potential of natural plant strengthening agents in the agricultural industry has, only until recently, been ignored.

The latter supplied the rationale for initiating a research project twelve years ago that included the screening of natural plants as original untouched wild species, in which the genotypic and biochemical potential was unchanged by humans, for its bio-stimulatory activity in agricultural crops. As a result of this research ComCat® was developed as a natural product with plant strengthening properties and the ability to improve growth and yield in different agricultural crops.


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ComCat FAQs

What is ComCat?

ComCat® is a unique, new generation plant extract from non-toxic wild plants which enhances plant growth and is a totally naturual, organic product.


ComCat contains only natural active compounds which are carefully extracted from non-toxic wild plants as active ingredients blended with Lactose.

What does ComCat do?

ComCat® accelerates plant and root growth and strengthens the natural resistance to abiotic and biotic stress factors.


Wettable powder

ComCat is NOT: -

a pesticide
a fertilizer
a gene manipulated product
harmful to man, animals and nature

How to use ComCat

You can use ComCat as a foliar application or a root drench.


Registration for EEC Organic agriculture
ComCat is approved for use in organic farming under EU Regulation 2092/91

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