2012 Vining Peas, Combining Peas and Spring Field Beans.

This trial took place over a period of March though to September 2012. A significant increase was evident as detailed in the report. click the link to read the full report.

Vining Peas – Results Data

2011 Oilseed Rape Trials.

This small trial took place in Lincolnshire 2011 harvest. The first application was considerably later than it should have been due to us not having any product available to use till late March. The first application should have been in the autumn 2010. There was still a marked difference of nearly 0.5t/ha in 2 of the plots.

This season the autumn timings were correct so we should see the true potential of ComCat.

Oil Seed Rape – Results Data

2011 Carrot Trials.

With a mean yield increase of 9.5% (14.14t/ha) we were pleased with this result. The co-forms with micro-nutrients should hopefully see this increase lifted.

Carrots – Results Data

2011 Cabbage Trials.

This trial produced a couple of strange results which were put down to growing conditions at the time. Plot 8 fell within an irrigation run from a neighbouring crop I understand and plot 1 had suffered mechanical damage. A 14.4% increase over the rest of the plots was a satisfactory result.

We are having more trials done in cabbage this year to help gain more positive data.

Cabbage – Results Data

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